Our technology

Photonitras is a patented technology based in photo-reduction and photo-oxidation processes. These are able to eliminate nitrates, arsenic, pesticides and pathogens through chemical transformation processes. Hence, it is able to minimize residue generation in relation to other well-stablished technologies, based on separation processes.

How does it work?

Why is Photonitras an innovative and disruptive technology?

  1. Photo-reduction: in this stage, nitrates (NO3-) are selectively transformed into nitrogen gas (N2) 
  2. Photo-oxidation: this process is able to transform arsenite ( ) into arseniate ( ), which is faster removed in the adsroption stage. Furthermore, pesticides are eliminated as CO2 and H2O.  
  3. Disinfection: thanks to the process intensification using ultraviolet radiation, pathogens are eliminated. 
  4. Arsenic adsorption: arseniate generated in the photo-oxidation step are removed from the aqueous stream using natural, environmentally friendly materials

The current benchmark technologies: biofiltration, ionic exchange and reverse osmosis, are already well stablished in the market. Still, Photonitras is the only process able to: 

  • Eliminate nitrates, arsenic, pesticides and pathogens. 
  • Transform the pollutants into less harmful species. 
  • Minimize residue generation.